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Top Fives, Part III

asked by the lovely lucy_locket.

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Snogs/Almost Snogs:
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Adorable & Etc:
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Top Fives, Part II

appleda wanted to know my Top 5 Torchwood episodes.
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velvetfascism wanted to know my Top 5 music videos
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velvetfascism also wanted to know my Top 5 all time favorite fictional characters.
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daphne121 wanted to know my Top 5 favorite movies/shows.
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daphne121 also wanted to know my Top 5 favorite pairings.
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I had the weirdest dream. There was a press conference/convention thing and it was Hawaiian themed. Jb & Gdl was there. They snogged like... a lot. Then Jackie Chan was there, and he and JB snogged, wtf.
It was creepy. Except for the Jb/Gdl part...
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Top Fives, Part I

New header and FO banner. <3

Both asked by velvetfascism =]

Top 5 Jack/Ianto Fanfics
5. Vicarious or Ianto is an Asshole by snglesrvngfrend & Masquerade by butterflycell
Vicarious: It's not exactly Jack/Ianto... but it is? Anyways, I just love it cause it's awesome and kind of unsettling and OWEN! But really, I never get tired of reading it.
Masquerade: I LOVE AU'S LIKE THESE. Their meeting here is amazing and I just love the whole feel of it. GUH.

4. Get Loved, Make More, Try To Stay Alive dsudis & The Ways To Be Oblivious by rei_of_writing
Get Loved: Has to be the best mpreg i've ever read. And I just adore Indiana. <3
The Ways: CHAIR SEX = ASDFGHJKLHOT. It's hot. Yeah. Uh. Ahem.

So Now You're Back by lizhowhp
Again, Jack/Ianto aren't the one doing anything here. It is sad, yet the sex is fucking hot. I mean really. Best fic of this pairing (not Jack/Ianto) i've read. But it is Jack/Ianto so it counts. Hmph.

3. The Windhovers by sarcasticchick
THIS SHIT HERE IS EPIC. I mean, cmon! IANTO WITH WINGS AND SCHIZOPHRENIA (or something)! I haven't got around to reading the sequel; I didn't actually read Windhovers at all. I listened to it. Audiobooks are win.

2. Non Linear by misswinterhill
Immortal!Ianto, somewhat... Reaper!Ianto, there we go. I love love love love love it.

1. From Which Comes All Things by mclachlan
This story is beautiful. I mean, really.

Top 5 On Screen Kisses

5. Second Tent Scene - It was beautiful and sad. I love this movie so much. It made me cry.
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I found out that there aren't as many Jb/Gdl gropes, nor real kisses. Almost kisses are much and the adorableness is abundant though. ♥
The quotes, I have shitloads. I'm gonna have fun with this. xD
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fic: Hysteria, Torchwood

Title: Hysteria
Characters/Pairings: Jack, OC (not mentioned), Jack/Ianto (somewhat)
Rating: R
Word Count: 733
Summary: Post COE. Jack finally loses it.
Warnings: Weirdness, MAJOR SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 4 AND 5! Definitely not a fix it fic, or a happy fic.
Author's Notes: This... is weird. If you've seen the music video for 'Special Needs' by Placebo, then you'll know where I got this from. You have to know what happens to those two episodes up there. This is seen through the eyes of an unamed character as that person watches from a camera feed. Non beta'd so all mistakes are by me. 
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